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Life! (not immortality)

"I love good guys"

Amy R.
I began this blog as an annex of my Bright Knight fansite. The site is now a dusty attic of the blog!

I've been a member of Forever Knight's online fandom since shortly after "The Human Factor" aired in early 1996, when I so wanted to discuss that episode that I braved the wilds of the unfamiliar Internet, and discovered the haven of ForKni-L. Back then, it was all about discussion for me. With time, it's become mostly about fanfiction (my fanfic on the AO3, my FK fanfic recommendations). I'm a Knightie: a follower of Nick in the FKFic-L "War" round-robin game, and a Nick partisan in most interpretations. The "bright" in my handle is telling. That is, while I love serious and sad stories, I side with humanity, hope and salvation, never vampirism, despair or destruction. First season is far and away my favorite.

Why am I still in love with Forever Knight two decades and more after cancellation? It was an outstanding show with a magnificent metaphor. I met the most wonderful and compelling people along the way. It's my home fandom. It still makes me happy.

I hope I can share a little of that fannish happiness with you.

I usually get to play fandom only on weekends these days. Please excuse me if it takes me a while to reply. You can contact me at the same email address I've used on the FK email lists for ages, or the standard email address for my blog, or reply to one of my posts. ]

Writing for me in a ficathon? Thank you! I have a "Fanfic Likes and Dislikes" post, in case that might help you.