Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Five Days to FKFicFest Matches

We're in the five-day countdown to the 2011 [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest sign-up deadline (05/20).  We have 13 players submitted, 2 promised, and 3 maybe thinking about it.  We've got a flock of Natpackers, some assorted Knighties, one each of Cousins, Ravens, Scorpions and Die-Hards, and more.  We've got m/f, f/f and m/m pairing prompts, lovely gen prompts, and some wild wildcard prompts.  We've got prompts with Vachon, Urs and Tracy, as well as Nick, Natalie, Janette and Lacroix, not to mention Grace, all the Schankes, all the Captains and Miklos!

Hoping to persuade you to play, I note that we not only get almost two months to write (stories begin releasing 07/18), but those two months cross two holiday weekends in many countries!  (I'm thinking Memorial Day/Victoria Day and Independence Day/Canada Day. More?)

Many people have been wonderful about inviting their flists/circles to come play.  It would be really neat if every player who is comfortable doing so mentioned participating in the fest on her/his own journal some day this week!  Not all in a waterfall, but a steady stream of invitation...  Just an idea. :-)

Thank you all for making this project worthwhile!

Addendum 05/17:  Should I clarify that factions are just an old game, not a boundary? Many of us have wide enthusiasms and deep loves outside our primary factions, and we thrill to write them!  (For example, I'm a Fleur-Booster and Urchin, secondary to Knightiehood. I believe that NatPacker Wiliqueen enjoys Tracy, Cousin PJ favors Natalie, Raven Leela knows her way around Vachon, etc.!)

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