Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FK Fanfic: "The Book Club Auxiliary"

I wrote this vignette for wiliqueen in the 2010/2011 fandom_stocking event.  On her wish list, she said that she likes to read "women being awesome," "friendship," "supporting characters," and "irreverent humor... in the face of catastrophe."

•  Title: "The Book Club Auxiliary" (also on AO3)
•  Length: ~1,000 words
•  Date: Fandom Stocking 01/06/11, FKFic-L 03/31/11
•  Rating: G
•  Summary: Grace visits Natalie in the hospital.
•  Characters:   Grace, Natalie, Other
•  Quotation: "Grace read a chapter of the new Weiss novel aloud, and then another, and then put in a bookmark and excused herself for a trip to the washroom while the nurse checked Natalie's vital signs and necessities."

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Tags: character:foreverknight:grace, character:foreverknight:natalie, fanfic:fandom:foreverknight, fanfic:who:byme, trope:postseries

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