Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Fan Charity Auction: Help_Japan Offers Update

themusecalliope has posted the first [community profile] help_japan/help_japan FK offer: podfic up to 20,000 words.  Now that there's an offer, there's a Delicious tag.  (Still no DW FK offers.)

There are now 6 HL offers on LJ and 2 on DW.

Hundreds of "Any Fandom" offers are available.  [personal profile] merfilly has stated that she's willing to write FK if bid for.  Similarly, [personal profile] skieswideopen has hinted that her flist could cajole her into writing FK if bid for.

Addendum 03/19: devohoneybee is now offering a poem in FK or HL.

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Tags: fest:auctions&psas

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