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12 March 2011 @ 04:06 pm
FK Fanfic: "Before"  

This is the mini-story that I wrote for Raven [personal profile] skieswideopen in the 2010/2011 fandom_stocking event.  My thanks to ithildyn for beta-reading.

I took so long to post this piece only because I couldn't bear to archive one more story on my ancient HTML-only template.  "Before" premieres a proper CSS-controlled template, which I will use on all my fanfic going forward (conversion backward... well, we'll see).  This change should be nearly invisible to readers, but it's a first step in restoring my dignity as a web designer in relation to my fansite. ;-)

  •   Title: "Before" (also on AO3)
  •   Length: ~200 words
  •   Date: Fandom Stocking 01/06/11, FKFic-L 02/21/11
  •   Rating: G
  •  Summary: Janette's childhood included happy days.
  •  Characters:  Janette
  •  Quotation:"It was how things were — which was to say, how they always had been and always would be."

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