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FK Recently: What You Guys Have Been Up To (12/31/10-01/30/11)

Recently in FK on my LJ F-List and DW R-Page:

Ficathons, Fests and Communities

  • fkficfest is polling on a 2011 game. 01/31 is the last day to reply.
  • halfamoon, the annual fanwork (fic, vids, art, etc.) fest celebrating female characters, runs 02/01-02/14. All fandoms are eligible.
  • [community profile] purimgifts/purimgifts, the annual fest celebrating characters who are Jewish and/or women and/or persecuted by evil viziers has sign-ups through 02/05 (rules). All fandoms are eligible in this exchange-style game.
  • On 01/07, fandom_stocking revealed that 7 stockings received FK content (fic, graphics, recs).
  • On 12/31, [personal profile] merfilly pointed out the new community [community profile] 1sentencefic. All fandoms are eligible in this tables-style game.


Year in Review

  • On 01/03, [personal profile] celli's 2010 review included her FK story "Health, Food."
  • On 01/02, [personal profile] havocthecat's 2010 review included her FK stories "When Night Comes Down" and "Freedom of the Midnight Hour," plus her crossover "Four Notorious St. Trinian's Girls (& One Notorious St. Trinian's Teacher)."


  • On 01/05, under lock, someone expressed glee at having purchased 2011 Stratford tickets to see GWD in multiple plays.
  • On 01/03, under lock, someone reminded us that tickets can now be ordered for this year's Stratford festival, where GWD will play King Arthur in Camelot.
  • On 01/01, under lock, someone positively reviewed GWD's stage work in Pensacola last autumn.

Chiller does not presently have even one showing of FK scheduled for February. :-(

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