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21 November 2007 @ 11:59 pm
Plans for the BrightKnightie LJ  
My initial plan for this LJ is to make it primarily an annex of my Bright Knight fansite.  I've noticed that many people now use LJs instead of "mailto" links as ways to invite readers to interact with their sites (especially fanfiction), and I like this idea.  It's years past the point the transition could save me any spam, but "mailto" links were always an obstacle for many people -- they made for missed connections.

To do this, I will create a "comment collecting" LJ post for each "subject line" of the site (the references, recommendations, fanfiction, etc.) and redirect the "mailto" links on the site to those LJ posts.  This may take a little time -- or, rather, it had better take time, so I don't flood those of you who have already been kind enough to friend this LJ!  I will try to space things out, and employ reasonable backdating and other strategies.

I have not yet decided what discussion belongs here; the existence of this LJ should in no way imply a diminishment of my forkni-l allegiance.  But, you know, I've been pondering whether and how to write this certain story idea, in which Natalie loses her memory and Lacroix gloats and Schanke discovers Nick's a vampire, and that's never been quite the sort of thing to be developed on the discussion list.  And then there's this Tracy story idea set between "Fever" and "Francesca" . . .  We'll see.

Thanks for playing! :-)

Havochavocthecat on November 22nd, 2007 11:37 pm (UTC)
I love the idea of adding lj comment links to your fanfic - splash_the_cat does that with her Gateverse fanfic, and it seems to work well for her.

...fic pondering? I'm always interested in fic pondering.
Amy R.: Nickbrightknightie on November 23rd, 2007 02:27 am (UTC)
I'm glad to hear another example of the tactic panning out! (I haven't seen it much in FK, compared with other fandoms, but that may be age-related.)

I haven't decided what level of backdating to use for these catch-a-comment posts. There is a temptation to post everything up-to-the-minute, but it's not like y'all don't know where to find my fanfic if ever you wanted it.

>"I'm always interested in fic pondering."

Oh, good. :-) I will get back to this.