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2010 Fanfiction Year-in-Review

In 2010, I posted six fanfiction stories (~23,500 words).  Three were Forever Knight, two Highlander, and one Harry Potter.  Three were written for ficathon prompts, two as gifts, and one just because.  They're all gen, in the old-fashioned way I think, but in today's terms, I suppose one is het, one is "pre-slash," and one has het and femmeslash.

My thanks to my beta-readers!  Batdina, Wiliqueen, Amilyn, Celli, Havocthecat, Natmerc and Eeyore9990.


2010 Stories List

Month  Fandom  Words  Story  Beta 
Feb. HP 2.8K   "An E.W.E. Triptych" (G)
gift for Leela-cat
  Three tête-à-têtes.
  (Luna, Harry, Draco, Snape)
May FK 14.6K   "True to Life"   (PG-13)
FKFicFest for Wiliqueen
  Janette visits Nick in 1857 London.
  (Nick, Janette, historical figures)
Havocthecat, Natmerc
FK 7x100   "Party Favors"  (PG-13)
FKFicFest for Everyone
  Assorted drabbles.
  (Nick, Natalie, Janette, Lacroix, Vachon, Screed, Sydney, Tracy, Urs, Erica, Fleur)
July HL 2.9K   "Present Company" (PG)
Oldschoolfic for Karenniarune
  Charlie notices someone following Richie.
  (Charlie, Richie, Randi, Duncan, Joe)
Nov. FK 1.1K   "Heart's Ease"  (G)
gift for Hearts-blood
  Human, Nick finds himself at the hospital.
  (Nick, Tracy, Lacroix, Natalie)
Dec. HL 1.4K   "Comes but Once a Year" (G)
  just because
  Joe babysits his niece at Christmas 1978.
  (Joe, Lynn, assorted relatives)
Batdina, Celli


2010 Fanfiction Reflections

  • Best of the year?  I think "Comes but Once a Year" (HL, G) may be my best-crafted story from 2010.
  • Favorite?  Well, right now it's "Comes but Once a Year" (HL, G), but being so recent, it has an unfair advantage holding that perch in my heart.  Possibly "True to Life" (FK, PG-13) will take back the crown?
  • Most disappointing?  I'm most disappointed this year by the stories I didn't write.  I'm very embarrassed to have defaulted on the [community profile] femme_fic ficathon.  I have a story in memory of Susan G. that is much thought on, and notes taken, but not yet begun.  I never even took out "Amaranth," my perpetual WIP.  I wrote almost as many stories in 2010 as in 2009, but the 2010 word count barely tops the 2009 halfway point.  I had more total time available to me for my fandom hobby than usual this year, but that just did not translate into more stories.  I regret that.
  • Biggest lesson?  A prompt should not be a straitjacket.  I want to give myself permission to more often write what satisfies me, regardless of any hoped-for reader.  So often, I write trying with all my heart to please someone else, and end up pleasing no one.
  • Most fun?  It was loads of fun to get lost in the research and writing of "True to Life" (FK, PG-13).  I felt like I could go on in that flashback universe without end... or at least until present-day canon kicked in.
  • Most surprising?  I struggled with the "Present Company" (HL, PG) prompt for a long, long time, but when the right idea finally came, it came with a bang.
  • Sweetest?  Well, "Heart's Ease" (FK, G) might be Sweet Tarts, but "Comes but Once a Year" (HL, G) is bittersweet cacao.
  • Sexiest?  None.  Janette and Nick flirting in "True to Life" (FK, PG-13)?  Nah...
  • Angstiest?  Oddly, "An E.W.E. Triptych" (HP, G) takes this category.  (I say "oddly," of course, because FK's Nick usually owns angst.)
  • Easiest to write?  Unique among last year's stories, "Heart's Ease" (FK, G) came entirely without struggle.
  • Most research to write?  Oh, "True to Life" (FK, PG-13), of course!  The Pre-Raphaelite painters, the Working Men's College, the British Museum, the Panopticon, the use of blood in painting, the china pattern, Janette's wardrobe...  I had a map of London as my desktop wallpaper.


2011 Fanfiction Resolutions

I resolve to write at least six fanfiction stories in 2011.  I am ambitious to write as many as twelve!  I wish to stick to FK and HL (not counting gifts).  I resolve to be more diligent about "just because" story ideas, and not let them wither in the face of ficathon game obligations.


A very happy New Year to everyone!  May we all be blessed, and bless each other.

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