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FK Recently: What You Guys Have Been Up To (10/29/10-11/29/10)

Recently in FK on my LJ Friends List and DW Reading Page:

Ficathons and Fests

  • Sign-ups for oldschoolfic's winter ficathon continue through tomorrow, Tuesday 11/30 (this is the canceled-fandoms community).  Matches go out 12/01; stories are due 01/31/11.  FK and HL are eligible.  I'm playing.
  • fandom_stocking is on!  This is a no-commitment game, a bit like a "love meme."  You post a list of things you like; people respond with warm wishes, recommendations, vignettes, icons, whatever.  (Naturally, respond to others if you can!)  The reveal is 01/06/11.  All fandoms are eligible.  I'll play.



  • On 11/15, pj1228 announced that Catherine Disher won the Gemini for Best Supporting Actress (Drama) for her work as Maggie on The Border!
  • On 10/31, under lock, someone linked to a YouTube video of the Stratford Peter Pan cast, including Nigel Bennett, doing "YMCA".  (Reportedly, a cast member uploaded the video.)


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