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Reading My FK Fanfic

I picked up this meme from taraljc, who played it with Star Trek, and tweaked it over to Forever Knight for myself.  Of course I've written in other fandoms, but by far the bulk of my fanfiction is FK.  (You guys play on your own blogs, please, pointing me to your stories. ~g~)

Five Ways to Tell You're Reading FK Fanfiction by Me
  • The endnotes are not quite as long as the Oxford English Dictionary.
  • By the end, Nick is morally correct about everything.
  • Pedantic inclinations on history and social justice are covered in melted cheese.
  • Fleur exerts disproportionate influence. (800 years dead? Not a problem!)
  • Caution: Manufactured on machinery that processes canon.

Fifteen Questions and Answers About My FK Fanfiction

  1. Which is your favorite story? (Is it the same as your best story?)

    My favorite is "Kindred Spirits" (PG-13, '01, 13K words), starring Nick, Urs and Jacqueline from "Hearts of Darkness."  No, it's not my best, but it went somewhere I really needed to go.

  2. Which is your best-received story?

    From my first posted fanfiction while FK was still on the air, people have always been very kind and generous!

    The leader is "Fireweed" (PG-13, '98, 65K words), my AU novel in which Janette brought Fleur across when Lacroix let her go in 1229, and Natalie finds the cure for vampirism in Divia's bite in 1996.  Thirty different people have commented on it over the years, almost all positively, and it was nominated for a FK Fanfic Award.

    (Adjusting for the size of the fandom at the time of posting, my novel "In the Light of Day" (PG-13, '03, 53K words), the one with the mortality epidemic in the present and the Crusades in flashbacks, may exceed "Fireweed.")

  3. Which is your worst-received story?

    I have a few stories on which no one has ever commented.  And several people let me know that the "Three Fireweed Seeds" stories don't make much sense.  Something's got to sit at the bottom of the barrel! :-)

    On one of my poems, though, "The Coming Choice" (PG, '03, 200 words), someone wrote to say that it was so bad she couldn't even tell that it was supposed to be a poem until she noticed the word "poem" in the subject line, and that I clearly had no idea what I was doing.  I sincerely believe that I benefit from constructive criticism and wish for more... but that was a bit more with the hacking off limbs and less with the constructive prescriptions for recovery.

  4. Which is your angstiest story?

    It's very hard to say.  Everything is angsty in FK.  Perhaps "How He Loves" (PG-13, '06, 2K words) for Lacroix's perspective?

  5. Which is your funniest story?

    "Professor When" (G, '07, 4K words) if you're a Doctor Who fan, and "Grievances" (G, '01, 3K words) if you're not.

  6. Smuttiest/Hottest?

    That's "Responses" (PG-13, '09, 3K words).  Fleur/Erica, requested in a ficathon.  (This was a lesson in how I cannot write past PG-13 even when I try; the story was much "hotter" as imagined than as it turned out on the page.  I just don't have that skill.)

  7. Fluffiest?

    Eeek!  "Happiness Is" (G, '96, 2K words).  "Last Knight" had just aired for the first time and I was in shock.  Shock, I say!

  8. Have you ever made someone cry with a story?


  9. Which story frustrates you the most?

    "Fearful Symmetry" (PG, '08, 10K words) should have been better, could perhaps even have been something wonderful, but I let a ficathon deadline stop the story from growing where it needed to.

  10. Which story was the most fun to write?

    Many have had their own joys, but "Corners of the Mind" (PG-13, '97, 32K words), the post-LK novella where Tracy solves the disappearances, was a rarely rivaled experience of a story arriving at my fingertips almost faster than I could type it, during a period when I had both structured responsibilities and plenty of time for fandom, not to mention supportive "cheerleader" beta-readers tackling chapters as I went.  (You can see the golden glow around the memory, right? ~g~)

  11. Who is your favorite OC you've ever created?

    Paul Spartali.  He's Tracy's significant other in "Corners of the Mind."

  12. Are you better at oneshot or multipart?

    One-shot.  I've never posted a WIP.  I have posted one sequel and one "in the universe of."  (I hope someday to write "Under a Long Shadow," sequel to "In the Light of Day," but that's the only one on my mind at this time.)

  13. What character do you think you're the best at portraying?

    I believe that I write Fleur very well (see "Starwort").  This is not a skill in high demand. :-)

  14. What character is the most difficult to portray?

    Oh, "difficult" comes in so many forms!  It's difficult to balance Nick properly between his culpability and his heroism.  It's difficult to balance Lacroix between his psychopathic monstrosity and his sympathy-evoking charisma.  It's difficult to integrate Vachon into a Nick-centered universe.  It's difficult to capture the cadence of "Schanke-isms."  Lately, it's been difficult to get at Natalie at all...

  15. What story do you want to write, but you haven't (yet)?

    "Amaranth" is my perennial WIP.  It's yet another Fleur-survived AU starring Fleur, Nick, Lacroix, Natalie and Janette, one with which I've been toying on and off since 1996.  Originally, the story was set after "The Human Factor" and included a Tracy subplot.  Later, I relocated it to the hiatus between first and second seasons, and while that filled a hole and provided the climax, it voided the police mystery, a component I'm still groping to replace.  As the years pass, I feel more and more confident of one particular scene, though I've tossed others that I wrote while I was still in college and which have become downright embarrassing.

    Others that I mean to write include the story on which I most embarrassingly defaulted the most recent round of [community profile] femme_fic, with the current working title of "Alliumphobia."  I got stuck; the characters went off-prompt and declined to come back.

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