Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FK/HL Alumna Andrea Roth

I happened to catch a few minutes of the new CBS series Blue Bloods this week.  I was pleased to find my FK-alumni-radar in working order, as I immediately spotted Andrea Roth.  She of course played both Lucy Preston (present) and Sylvaine (flashback) in FK's "Love You to Death," as well as Suzanne Honniger in HL's "Epitaph for Tommy."  A glance at her IMDB entry shows consistent employment, with work on many, many top-rated shows (that I don't watch ~g~).  Good for her!

I note, however, that IMDB suffers silly errors in her FK entry, misidentifying one of the two FK characters as "Lucy Sylvaine;" mistakenly claiming that Roth appears in "Faithful Followers" as well as in LYTD, playing different characters in each; and mis-sorting her FK work to 1994 instead of 1993.  On the up side, the names are correctly spelled!  Over in her HL entry, her character is misnamed "Suzanne Hollinger."

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