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FK is Eligible in Yuletide 2010

This morning, [personal profile] celli kindly alerted me to the happy news that Forever Knight is among the fandoms eligible for this year's Yuletide, which is the annual game celebrating small fandoms (full list).

So many people play Yuletide that this is very likely to result in at least one new FK story for us all to enjoy.  Excellent!  I understand that sign-ups will start later this week.  (I don't play this game myself, but I wish all the players well, especially those requesting or writing FK. ~g~)

Now, in theory, small fandoms are eligible and large fandoms -- fandoms that don't need any help generating or uploading fanfic -- are excluded.  So not being eligible can be the badge of a healthy, active, populous fandom.  That Forever Knight is in and Highlander is out would seem to demonstrate that the system is working, drawing that line between (though HL may be statistically overrepresented on the AO3, and might merit a different result by a different accounting; that's another story).  However, I did run into some surprises when I looked up my other fandoms.

Young Blades is not listed.  I presume that's because no one nominated it, which I hypothesize is because it is tragically underappreciated.  Same for Polly and the Pirates, which did not make it this year (though it did last year, and I read an extraordinarily excellent story written for it, too, featuring the heroine's parents).

It most certainly makes sense that original Battlestar Galactica, CBS's Beauty and the Beast, Doctor Quinn: Medicine Woman and Dungeons and Dragons: The Animated Series are eligible at this time, and I'm tickled to learn that they all are desired by readers besides me.  However, I was surprised (pleased, but surprised) to see Rurouni Kenshin eligible, because it is not obscure among manga and anime fans.  And then I was downright shocked to see Sailor Moon eligible!  Sailor Moon is a gigantic, sprawling, worldwide fandom, now with successive generations of adolescent girls pouring their effusions all over the Net... except, apparently, not on the AO3?  Mind, I'm dearly fond of Sailor Moon; I've written in it; I own much of the anime in the original Japanese, and the first English manga edition from before they stopped flipping the pages.  I'm not complaining!  I'm just jaw-dropped.  Sailor Moon as a small fandom?  Wow.

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