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Oldschoolfic Winter Ficathon Fandoms Poll

The moderator of oldschoolfic, the community for fanfiction in canceled fandoms, has posted the fandom eligibility poll for its annual winter ficathon.  If you plan to play, please vote!  (She didn't mention how long the poll will be available.)  Both Forever Knight and Highlander are on the ballot, along with the original Battlestar Galactica, Robin of Sherwood, Blood Ties, SG1&SGA, and many others.

This community holds two or three ficathons a year.  Past games have had from 8 to 17 participants.  It once experimented with "claiming," but returned to the "exchange" model.  Here are the most recent game's rules; here are the 2009 winter game's rules; and here is their profile.  They seem to have a late-January deadline in mind this time.  In past games, the Buffyverse has been the most frequently written, followed by Veronica Mars, HL and FK (in a three-way tie), then Firefly and The West Wing (two-way tie), and so on (see their tags).

I've played in all their games, producing, fwiw, "Present Company" (HL), "In a Family Way" (FK), "What Remains has Always Been" (BtVS), "Fearful Symmetry" (FK), "So This is Home" (HL), and "A Delicate Balance" (FK).  As you can see, I've usually been very lucky in the prompts I've received!

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