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24 September 2010 @ 12:13 pm
FK Recommendation September 2010  
What's Good?  I'm very happy to get to make September's recommendation-of-the-month Nancy K.'s "Deadly Stakes" (2000, PG-13), which uniquely stars Nick and Bourbon.  This character study wrapped in action and suspense is set at a luxury casino resort between the second World War and the McCarthy hearings, and pits Nick against Bourbon for first one life and then another.
     The budding archaeologists he taught in Chicago were under the impression he was doing research on the cave paintings at Lascaux in the Dordogne during the summer break. In reality, he was seeing to some of the properties he had owned since the mid-1700s...
     You can take the boy out of the aristocracy, but you can't take the aristocracy out of the boy, he thought ruefully...

What's New on FKFic-L?  On the admin side, the upcoming FKFic-L War game has been scheduled for 10/01 through 10/15, and List Manager lisamcdavid has a new email address.  On the story side, fkfic-l saw two tales posted in August:

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PJ1228pj1228 on September 25th, 2010 11:06 pm (UTC)
I thought I had read all of Nancy's fiction, but this was new to me. So, thanks for pointing my attention to it. I always enjoy when Nick displays a bit of his aristocratic background.
Amy R.: Sunbrightknightie on September 29th, 2010 11:18 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you enjoyed that! What I enjoy most myself in Nancy's "Deadly Stakes" -- after the unique use of Bourbon -- is the way morality and a little taste of genuine historical education is wrapped in the entertainment. I love that in FK. :-)