Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Some September/October Ficathons

A few ficathon games are gearing up now, with pressing sign-up timelines:

Halloween!  [personal profile] spook_me is a multifandom Halloween ficathon on both LJ and DW (no fandom restrictions).  To play, sign up with your chosen fandom and a horror creature, receive two prompts in the form of horror-comics covers, and write a story featuring one of your prompts with your creature in your fandom.
--> Now-09/15: Sign-up | 09/16: Prompts sent | 10/26: Stories due

Crossovers!  xover_exchange is a multi-fandom crossover exchange game on LJ only (FK is not invited; HL is).  To play, sign up with at least five fandoms from their master list that you like to read and at least four that you can write, plus your prompts; receive a match slate submitted by someone who requested to read at least two of the fandoms you said you could write; write a crossover.
--> Now-09/17: Sign-up | 09/27: Prompts sent | 11/12: Stories due

Vampires! At Halloween!  [community profile] last_writes's "Trick or Treatise" ficathon is a Halloween game in the DW community for out-of-production vampire fandoms (so FK yes, HL no).  It is prompt-claiming style (same as the current [community profile] femme_fic round).  People may submit prompts without intending to write (though of course they'd be happiest if many people write!).
--> Now-09/23: Submit prompts | 09/24-09/30: Claim prompts | 10/30: Stories due

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