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My Fansite.  As you may know, my FK fansite is here.  I recently redesigned my fiction and poetry index pages (the non-FK stuff is over here) in hopes of making them easier to use and more appealing, with the up-front information readers now expect.  I'm not entirely satisfied, but I don't know where to take the layout from here.

What do you think?  Is this better than before, or should I revert?  Keeping in mind that this is a single-person list of stories, do you have models to recommend -- websites with more appealing results from different designs?

My Tags.  Similarly, I redid all my blog tags (LJ tags/DW tags) this summer, hoping to make it easier for readers to find what interests them.  Thus "fanfic:byme" is distinct from "fanfic:byyou," "fanfic:hl," etc.  "Recommendations" alone brings up everything of the sort, while "recommendations:project" pulls just the designated monthly recommendations, which is also where the monthly fkfic-l recap goes.  "Recently" identifies those periodic round-ups of FK stuff that I see on blogs.  And there are character tags, couple tags, and so on.

What's your opinion?  Is this the way to go with tags for readers?  Keeping in mind that I follow few fandoms and write gen almost exclusively, do you have models to suggest -- bloggers who have hit just the right tagging approach?

FKFicFest Community.  The paid account for fkficfest will expire soon.  Of course I'll renew it for the next game, whenever that might be!  But is there interest/need for the community to be a paid account between games?  (While it is paid, no advertisements appear on it for anyone.  If it went unpaid, it would show advertisements to readers who do not have paid or permanent accounts.)

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