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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This weekend, I ended up spending a little time off my feet with my FK DVDs after mangling some muscles helping a family member move.

I happened to watch "Dance By the Light of the Moon" right after "Love You to Death," and so was able to notice that Ann Foley's earrings in her home in DBLM are Janette's in the precinct in LYTD.  These are gold-tone earrings with a roughly diamond-shaped nugget at the ear, suspending a dark round stone (the size and shape of a marble) at chin level.  Inside the story, shall we imagine that they are haute couture designer earrings that Janette and Ann both happened to purchase, Ann with her corporate-lawyer savings?  Could we imagine that Janette and Ann instead both wear costume jewelry as pleases them?  Surely there's no scenario in which Janette would actually be wearing the by-then deceased murderer's earrings -- is there?  Could Ann have inherited them from or bequeathed them to someone with a connection to Janette?  (Just making stories. ~g~)

Spotting recycled props and costumes can be as much fun in FK as identifying returning actors.  One of the most eye-catching, of course, is Erica's doll from "Last Act" reappearing on the Titanic in "Black Buddha, Part 1."  My personal favorite is the black lingerie ensemble worn by Julie Beamer, the sex-worker murder victim in the teaser of "A Fate Worse Than Death," and subsequently also by Victoria Levy, the software tycoon's wife in "Partners of the Month;" the social gulf between the characters seems to me poignantly collapsed and commented upon by that connection, as I imagine them buying the same garments, perhaps even in the same store, and moving on, one to be murdered wearing hers, the other to be bereaved by murder wearing hers.

Do you have a pet prop or costume that played two or more roles in FK?

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