Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Famous Fanfiction

From a conversation with pj1228: What do you think is the most famous fanfiction story in FK, or is that not an applicable idea at all?  In this case, the "most famous story" would be that which is most widely known for positive reasons.  (The most infamous story would be the most widely known for negative reasons; let's not go there.)  For example, if we could ask everyone in the fandom to list, off the top of their heads, ten stories no newbie should miss (regardless of faction), the one mentioned most often could presumably be considered the most famous.

I suggested "False Heart" (PG) by Susan and "Physical Therapy" (NC-17) by Ophelia as the leading candidates for fame.  However, PJ was unacquainted with either of them, which blew my mind and perhaps also torpedoed my contention.

Of course "best" and "favorite" are each in their own ways much more important and worthwhile than merely "famous."  (Please share your recommendations at any time!)  But knowing what we share in common is also of interest.

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