Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Femme-Fic Prompts Reminder

Today, Monday 08/16, is the final day for contributing prompts to the 2010 femme_fic / [community profile] femme_fic game.  You may submit up to three prompts; submitting a prompt is not a commitment to play (though of course they hope that many will play).

At this time, I see 3 [ETA: now 4] FK prompts: 

There's also one HL prompt, and over 60 in other fandoms, including some crossovers.  Claiming of prompts will run 08/17-08/23.

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Tags: fandoms_not_fk, fanfic:process:prompts, fest:femmefic, ficathons&fests

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