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Some Favorite Susan Stories

The story by susanmgarrett that most sheerly delights me is "Seduction of the Diligent."  This is the one in Tippi's "Eternal Champion" universe in which Natalie, all unwilling, becomes first a fan, and then a fanfiction author.  It recapitulates the experience of FK fandom with nostalgia, defiance and comfort.

The Susan story that most rips my heart out is her unforgettable "Knight in Hell."  Back in the day, stories didn't come with warnings.  Consider yourself warned about this one.  And read it anyway.

The stories by her that you most of all cannot miss are the Dorian universe: False Heart, Kind Soul and Noble Mind (unfinished).  Susan's Dorian the Archivist is nearly deuterocanonical, "the official AU of FK fandom," so to speak.  There are other great FK fanfiction novels, but none that have penetrated so far into our collective consciousness.  I reread one most every summer.  I have the complete stories as zines; this year, I was considering putting them on my Kindle.

Possibly the best FK story by Susan, in my opinion, is "Three of a Kind," the first of the four novellas that she contributed to the GWD Fan Club, sold as zines for charity fundraising.  As far as I know, it was never put online so that it would remain a good fundraising item.  I remember borrowing the zine while visiting [personal profile] batdina and being utterly blown away by the clever construction and resonant revelation (don't let yourself be spoiled on this one; it's worth the trouble).  Later, I was lucky enough to get to purchase a copy of my own.

Just a few more:
What are some of your favorites of her fanfiction?  pj1228 just mentioned her "A Lamentation for Strings" and two V4S installments.

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