Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Femme-fic 2010 is On

The 2010 femme_fic / [community profile] femme_fic game is on!  As always, that community celebrates female characters (gen, m/f, f/f).  However, several rules have changed.  Most significantly: (1) there are no longer limits on eligible fandoms, and (2) it is no longer an exchange/assignment approach, but instead takes a prompt-claiming approach.  This means that instead of receiving a slate of prompts assigned individually, players pick prompts for themselves (up to two) from the full list available to everyone.

Rules and Prompts on LJ / Rules and Prompts on DW
  • Submit Prompts: 08/10/10-08/16/10
  • Claim Prompts: 08/17/10-08/23/10
  • Stories Due: 10/15/10

  • Anyone may submit up to three prompts.  Submitting a prompt is not a commitment to contribute a story, so this is a good opportunity to request a story that you've always wanted to read (starring a female character) but can't write yourself, and then see if someone else's request strikes a chord with you as a writer.  (Please put the fandom in the subject line, and post only one prompt per comment.)

    For myself, I plan to submit prompts, and to write if there's a prompt that I can do justice to.  Something gen in FK or HL would be my first instinct.  But in this format, you never know what idea might raise its hand.

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    Tags: fandoms_not_fk, fanfic:process:prompts, fest:femmefic, ficathons&fests

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