Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FK Recommendation July 2010

What's Good?  I'm happy to get to feature kirbyfest's post-LK Natalie vignette, "Begin Again" (PG), as July's installment in the recommendation-of-the-month project.  (Yes, it's still July! Barely. My apologies for any inconvenience.)  This Natalie is looking forward to a new life, at peace with herself, but is also looking back on an unusual, but entirely plausible and convincing, aftermath of "Last Knight" that argues for the gravest interpretation of canon's accumulated traumas.
     Luckily, she'd been sent here.  A good doctor, the continued affection of her friends, and some time and distance had helped her to start asking hard questions of herself, and helped her to start finding some peace with the answers.

What's New on FKFic-L?  In June, fkfic-l saw eleven stories by five authors!  All eleven happen to have originated with fkficfest; some were revised, reformatted or illustrated after the game. 

In July so far, we've seen one story on list, plus the admin-post precursors of an FKFic-L War.  Here's wishing much fun to the players!

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