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FK Recently: What You Guys Have Been Up To (06/16/10-07/29/10)

Recently in FK on my LJ Friends List and DW Reading Page:

  • On 07/27, someone posted under lock with reflections on the Lacroix character.
  • On 07/22, pj1228 mused on two common fanfiction concepts about the properties of FK vampire saliva that are neither supported nor voided by canon.
  • Say "I love you!" Fest.  On 07/29, [personal profile] catwalksalone declared an "It's Okay To Say 'I Love You'" multifandom game for fiction, recommendations and art (no sign-ups, yes deadlines).  All relationships (gen and romance) are welcome; the sole restriction is that the "I love you" must be sincere.  The fest closes at 1:00 PM Pacific on 08/05.
  • oldschoolfic.  This is the multi-fandom ficathon community for canceled fandoms (yes sign-ups, yes deadlines).  On 07/08, the moderator reviewed the current game's default deadline.  On 07/21, she put up a beta-reader post.  Stories are due on 07/31.
  • Friendship Commentfic.  On 06/30, [personal profile] kayim declared an "I'd Die For You, But I Won't Sleep With You" gen, multifandom, commentfic game (no sign-ups, no deadlines).
  • Porn Battle 10.  This is the multi-fandom erotica ficathon (no sign-ups, yes deadlines).  On 07/06, gnosticdiva relayed that the game would accept prompts 07/12-07/16, with play 07/19-07/26.  On 07/13, she reminded us about the game, and on 07/18, someone posted under lock that there were FK prompts available.  When the game closed, four FK stories had been entered (see below), though none for HL, strangely.
  • vampirebigbang.  This is the multi-fandom vampire ficathon for stories of 10K+ words (yes sign-ups, yes deadlines).  On 06/28, gnosticdiva confirmed that sign-ups had closed, and that she was the only FK writer playing.  On 06/16, she outlined the sci-fi AU FK story she's writing.
As you know, both Geraint Wyn Davies and Nigel Bennett have been performing at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival this summer.  foxy11814 got to go, and she has kindly shared her treat with the rest of us.  (Her posts are open now, but she's going to f-lock them eventually.)
  • On 06/28, she announced that the 2011 Stratford schedule includes Geraint Wyn Davies as Falstaff in The Merry Wives of Windsor and as Arthur in Camelot.
  • On 07/06, she lost her mind :-) at the news that she would get to meet GWD in person and she also reviewed the Stratford production of Do Not Go Gentle starring GWD.
  • On 07/09, she reviewed The Tempest, with Christopher Plummer as Prospero and GWD as Stephano.  She also related her lucky conversation, from which she got tickets for the filming of The Tempest and (!) got invited to meet GWD before the Meet the Festival session so she could get a photo, and (!) got tickets to Evita.
  • On 07/10, she reviewed Evita and described the filming of The Tempest.
  • On 07/11, she described meeting GWD (+2 photos of Foxy11814 with GWD).
  • On 07/13, she described the "Meet the Festival" session with GWD (+9 photos of GWD).
  • On 07/24, she shared photos scanned from the official programs, plus a photo she took that has both GWD and NB in it (although the image quality is poor).

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