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Upcoming FKFic-L War

An FKFic-L War game is in the offing for the first time in several years.  I'm not actively following the developments on ForKni-L myself, but I wanted to help spread the word.  lismcdavid has made two admin posts to FKFic-L on the subject this week.  Today, she posted that the "War" filter topic will be implemented on Monday 07/26/10.  I'm guessing that game dates remain to be determined, but that the War Manager is already chosen.

What is an FKFic-L War game?  In brief, it is a round-robin fanfiction game/virtual convention on the FKFic-L email list, played in teams (factions) under the guidance of a War Mistress/Master/Manager.  A goal is designated to loosely guide an overall plot.  Each team (faction) controls the availability of its patron character to be included in scenarios by writers on other teams.  However, the FKFic-L War game/story is not mainly about the characters; that's what regular fanfiction is for.  Instead, an FKFic-L War is mainly about the players (this is the "virtual convention" part).  The scenario always involves the players -- us -- assembling in War Toronto, bothering our patron characters, and running around the imaginary city together having a wonderful, ridiculous time with each other.  Outright role playing is not permitted; each player plays herself/himself, although a little enhancement is okay (e.g. in a War game, you can be a little bit better at fencing than you are in real life, if you are honestly a fencer in real life).

If you want to play, you'll need to subscribe to both email lists (instructions); organizing is happening on ForKni-L (the discussion list).  If you are subscribed to the lists and do not want to receive War posts, send an email to "" with the command "set [insert list name here] topics: -war".  If you are set "digest," please be aware that those can't be filtered.

I think that I will probably remain "+war" this time, even though I will not be playing, myself (my hobby time is otherwise committed).

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