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11 April 2010 @ 07:28 pm
FK Recently: What You Guys Have Been Up To (03/15/10-04/11/10)  
Recently on my LJ Friends List and DW Reading Page:

Ficathons and Fiction Communities
  • On 04/10, [personal profile] leela_cat let me know about [community profile] last_writes, a fiction community for all canceled vampire stories.  FK is explicitly invited.
  • On 04/07, [personal profile] havocthecat announced a contest on [community profile] girlgay (an f/f community) for which prompts are invited and the prize is paid Dreamwidth time for the best fanwork and also the best feedback.  One FK prompt has been submitted so far.

  • On 03/22, oldschoolfic (the ficathon for all canceled fandoms) announced their spring/summer ficathon event, and on 04/01, the rules and sign-ups post went up.  Sign-ups are open through 04/15 (this Thursday).  Fandoms requested so far in include HL but not FK; when I sign up, they'll add FK and YB...

  • On 03/20, fkficfest sent out the matches.  Several people, including Gnosticdiva and Wiliqueen, posted last-minute sign-up reminders.  We have 21 players!  So 21 new FK stories this May!  That is so great!
  • On 04/08, gnosticdiva had much to share about Geraint Wyn Davies's audiobooks, finally available on CD.

  • On 03/27, behind filters and locks, someone shared news of going this summer to Stratford to see one of Geraint Wyn Davies's last performances of "Do Not Go Gentle," plus probably The Tempest.  (Everyone knows that Nigel Bennett is at Stratford this year, too, right?  And that Christopher Plummer is in The Tempest with Ger?)  On 04/09, again locked, this person updated that the tickets had arrived.  Glee!

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Laurie of the Isles1_mad_squirrel on April 12th, 2010 03:54 am (UTC)
Thanks for the mention. :)
Amy R.: Sunbrightknightie on April 12th, 2010 04:16 am (UTC)
Any time. :-)
chelseagirl on April 12th, 2010 12:40 pm (UTC)
OK, as a huge Tempest fan -- I assume Christopher Plummer is playing Prospero? Who's Ger playing? Need to know!!!!
Foxy11814foxy11814 on April 13th, 2010 02:19 am (UTC)
Yes, Plummer is playing Prospero. Ger is playing Stephano.
chelseagirl on April 13th, 2010 09:43 am (UTC)
Cool! I figured it was either Stephano or possibly Gonzalo . . . I could see him doing the "Had I plantation of the isle" speech, but Stephano was my first guess. :-)
Wish I could make it!
(Deleted comment)
Amy R.: Nanettebrightknightie on April 20th, 2010 07:11 pm (UTC)
Please be sure to let us know if someone writes it! :-)

(And I always list everything FK that I catch; I don't leave anything out on purpose, unless it's under a lock.)
Foxy11814foxy11814 on April 13th, 2010 02:16 am (UTC)
I see that you've mentioned me as a person under lock and key. You can use my name when I talk FK stuff on my journal. I don't mind! :-)

Thanks for the updates!!!
Amy R.: Nick Solemnbrightknightie on April 20th, 2010 07:15 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the blanket permission! That's very kind of you. However, I must admit that I feel a bit leery. People might not know I had advance permission, and might think I was being disrespectful of your privacy. Also, I couldn't link readers not on your f-list to locked posts, anyway, so it would be a bit of a tease. Hmmmm. I will think about it. It would be nice to get to share some of the fun of watching you get ready for Stratford! We can't all go, but a little vicarious living... :-)
Foxy11814foxy11814 on April 22nd, 2010 01:43 am (UTC)
That's fine, whatever you want to do. I just thought you might want to name the person for verification reasons or whatever, but I see your point!

At least you'll get to read my posts, LOL.
(Deleted comment)
Amy R.: Caddybrightknightie on April 20th, 2010 08:13 pm (UTC)
I tired to reply to this earlier, but an LJ hiccup ate my note.

You're very welcome for the listing, and as long as you're posting public FK content, I'll keep listing it. At this time, anyway, I don't purposely omit any FK content I see, although I sometimes bundle it if it gets away from me.