Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FK Fanfic: "Renovations"

I wrote the next story in this ongoing retrospective as a gift for someone who was a good friend back then and who has become a dear friend through the years since.  She wrote some striking "Center Stage Challenge" stories, featuring secondary characters like Miklos ("Revenge") and guest stars like Feliks Twist ("Red Dreams"), and she once chose Alyce Hunter's view for a round-robin story.  So thinking about what might amuse her led me to this piece starring Alma.  (The story is also an overt nod to her "The Charade," which explains the "Lacroix Lite" phenomenon of early third season.)

  •   Title: "Renovations"
  •   Length: ~4,200 words
  •   Date: Posted to FKFic-L in February 1997
  •   Rating: PG-13
  •   Summary: Alma redecorated the Raven for Janette in "Love You to Death." After Janette left him her club, Lacroix required someone to perform the same service.
  •   Setting: Before "Black Buddha," after the flashbacks of "The Human Factor"
  •   Characters:   Alma, Lacroix, Urs
  •   Quotation: "Alma shivered at the thought of what it would mean to be a vampire in Toronto with this strange, new Lacroix in charge of this strange, new Raven."

Tags: character:foreverknight:alma, character:foreverknight:lacroix, character:foreverknight:urs, fanfic:fandom:foreverknight, fanfic:who:byme

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