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FK in Just 7 Episodes Per Season

fkficfest is open for sign-ups!  Now through March 18 (rules and sign-ups post).

[personal profile] celli, reacquainting herself with FK in advance of the ficathon, wondered whether we have a consensus on the most "essential" episodes to review.  I took at stab at making such a list for her, but we would really need to define "essential" first.  Is it the the episodes that define the story arc?  Most popular?  Objectively best?  Most controversial?  Most affecting continuity?  Inspiring the most fanfic?  That we would show to bring someone across to the series?  That we each personally love best, regardless?  :-)

Given the artificial constraint of seven episodes per season -- a season a week! -- and the principle of a continuity-tied overview, I suggest: 

FK in Just 7 Episodes Per Season

First Season
"Dark Knight"
"Dark Knight, the Second Chapter"
"Last Act"*
"Only the Lonely"
"Feeding the Beast"
"If Looks Could Kill"
"Love You to Death"

Second Season
"Killer Instinct"
"Partners of the Month"
"The Fix"
"Be My Valentine"
"A More Permanent Hell"
"Near Death"
"Baby, Baby"

Third Season
"The Black Buddha" (part 1)
"The Black Buddha" (part 2)
"Sons of Belial"
"The Human Factor"
"Ashes to Ashes"
"Last Knight"

* lizbetann reminded me that LA is much more pivotal than CB. I just like CB. And DFF. And 1966. And, oh, heck, all of first season! ;-)

What would you recommend?  Which definition of "essential" appeals to you?

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