Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FK DVDs for $14.99 / Crackle is Sony's Hulu (the US site) is currently selling all three seasons of FK on DVD for just $14.99 each.  If anyone in Region 1 does not yet own a copy, buy now!  The list price shows $29.99 for each season, which represents a drop as well, and a standardization; season two (26 episodes) used to cost more than the others (22 eps each).

At the bottom of the Amazon page, I noticed an advertisement for FK on Crackle, which I'd never heard of and knew nothing about, but now see that it's an online library/network owned by Sony (~nods politely at TPTB~) so I'll be adding it to my FK link lists.  Those of you outside the US, please let us know whether you can view it on this site.  The word has been that you've been unable to access FK on Hulu or Yahoo, but maybe Crackle...?

Crackle has a double-handful of FK promo stills up, too -- mostly from the first season press kit.  I've seen many of them a hundred times, but Natalie's was entirely new to me!  abby82, one of them proves how right you are in your observation about the gentleman playing the same young cop in "I Will Repay" (CBS scenes only) and "False Witness."  You're right, and I was mistaken, and -- look! continuity! :-) I love continuity!
Tags: foreverknight:airing, foreverknight:canon

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