Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FK Hanukah Stories?

It's the first day of Hanukah, after the first night, and most of those I know who are celebrating it are offline for Shabbat right now.  Before they rejoin us online (or at least within eight days), do you think we can muster up an FK Hanukah story recommendation to share?  Anyone? 

I'm afraid I know of exactly one, and it's not online: Marian G.'s in the fantastic Forever Net Before Christmas zine.  (If it were online, I wouldn't link to it, because I know she asked for all her fanfic to come down years ago.  But if she ever puts it back up, I'm all over asking permission to recommend her Natalie Lambert, Vampire Coroner series.)  Hers can't be the only one in existence, though.  I must have missed or forgotten some -- and I certainly don't claim to have read every FK story, as it is!  (Thank goodness. I don't want to run out...)

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Tags: recommendation, recommendation:foreverknight, trope:holidays

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