Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FK on Crack-Van

abby82 rocks, you know?  She has brought FK to crack_van!  For any who don't know, this community is Multifandom Fanfiction Recommendations Grand Central Station.  I've rarely dropped by there myself because, well, FK hadn't been featured.  But [personal profile] batdina emailed me the Saint Nicholas Day treat of news to Go. Look. Now.

abby82 posted an exciting, extensive FK Fandom Overview on 12/03.  It's great fun to read, even if you already know the facts.  And then on 12/06, she launched FK recommendations on the community with my short story "A Little Salsa Picante" (2006).  Wow!  Thank you so much, abby82!  I'm flattered and touched and delighted.  And I'm so much looking forward to your future FK recommendations there!  I cannot overstress how strongly I am in favor of people recommending great FK stories for me to read. ;-)

A month of crack_van recommendations: what a wonderful holiday gift to FKdom.  Thank you!

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Tags: recommendation, recommendation:foreverknight, recommendation:ofme

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