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Amy R.

Two Non-Exchange Fanfic Fests

wiliqueen has kept her eye on medie's gift to fandom, fandom_stocking, and let us know that it's up and running with sign-ups.  This is a hidden-until-reveal gifting fest, with no claiming and no assignments, no minimums or maximums, just prompts and good will.  (So far, three of this year's posted stockings, including Wiliqueen's and Amilyn's, include FK on their mini-wishlists. Eight include HL. None YB, or my other fandoms that make FK look crowded by comparison. ~g~ Not that all my hobby time is not already pledged to oldschoolfic this month! ~g~)

Reading wiliqueen's "stockings," last year's as well as this year's, was a highlight of my day.  She wrote them wittily and pithily, of course, but I also got a happy charge out of feeling, on several specific points, "Yes! That's exactly what I would have said -- if only I were that witty and pithy, and, of course, participating in this!" :-)  Across many fandoms, I really don't much care whether characters are girls or boys, and I usually care very little who they do or don't sleep with; what I care about, as she put it, is "friendship and/or family running as deep as any 'ship... pieces of people's lives we've never seen but which make perfect sense... tests or explorations of faith, in whatever flavor is appropriate to a character... thoughtful sensuality" and "emotional consequences (especially of canon events)."

Conversely, I also agree with her aversion to "endless detailed sex scenes... the very concept of soulmates... importing vampire rules, social structures and/or vocabulary from another universe, or inventing complicated original ones without a logical basis in canon," "grownup professionals shagging in supply closets" and "for the love of all that's holy, no vampire miracle babies!"

Okay, okay, I'll buy a "Serena's Cure" baby, yes, when I must -- makes more sense than three out of four other explanations of "The Human Factor" -- and also a hard-won-through-the-years, built-not-born, "soulmating," but . . . you know what's meant, right?  To each her own without prejudice, but getting to feel in accord for a bit just made me smile a lot. :-) It was a treat.

Okay, all done.  We return now to...

[personal profile] merfilly has proposed a "Gen in January" ficathon.  It will be prompt-claiming style, rather than assignment driven.  Minimum 500 words, gen only, any fandom, any characters -- including, of course, FK.  (Gen, as recently discussed, is defined as every kind of plot and theme in human experience except romance and sex.)

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