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27 November 2009 @ 09:05 am
What You Guys Have Been Up To  
Recently in FK on my LJ Friends List and DW Reading Page:

On the Air!
On 11/22, abby82 alerted us to Chiller's exciting US Thanksgiving marathon events, in which Geraint Wyn Davies will host "his favorite episodes" of FK!  These air 11/24-11/25 and again 11/28-11/29!  And what are GWD's favorite episodes?  Season one: 5. Season two: 11. Season three: 0.  [I expected BM, which he directed, but I was surprised to see BMV on his list.  Interesting!]

In the News!
Cast and Crew!
  • On 11/23, abby82 pointed out another new interview with GWD, this time on Chiller's blog.  Among other fun things, there's currently a bulletin-board graphic with the text of a Ribena label on it.
  • On 11/23, abby82 let us know that Sci-Fi TV Zone has a twelve-minute audio interview with Geraint Wyn Davies, in which he talks about the Chiller marathon, his current one-man play in New York, and other fun, current things.
  • On 11/19, pj1228 created a collage in honor of Nigel Bennett's birthday, and is running a contest for us: win the original collage file by naming all the non-FK roles shown.

  • On 11/25, pj1228 announced that she has cleaned up "PJ's Forever Knight FanFiction Archive" after the move to Google Sites.  If you've re-linked since the move from GooglePages, the URL is still the same.  If, like me, you're still catching up...  [Note to self: Update links!]
  • On 11/15, Leela-cat announced that she has begun posting her long-unavailable-online old FK stories on her Archive Of Our Own account.  [She's right; she made me very happy. :-)] [Update: She has finished posting all her FK work, except one unfinished novel, and including "Broken Promises" -- last seen online in 1996.]
  • On 11/12, pj1228 posted her well-conceived UF story "The Relapse," which I had the privilege of beta-reading.  Even if you're not inclined to the UF, she has a new approach to a specific canonical moment.
  • On 11/06, gnosticdiva posted a piece called "The Letter," Nick to Natalie.
  • On 11/05, elycia offered: "For every $5 you contribute to Fiver's Team (ALS Association of Georgia), I will write you 500 words of fiction, with the characters of your choice, on the topic of your choice," including in FK.
  • On 11/03, ithildyn reposted her 1998 Lacroix story "In His Image."

Fests and Ficathons!
  • On 11/07, abby82 noted that it was the last day of nominations for festivids, a vid exchange inspired by Yuletide for small and rarely vidded fandoms.  FK is nominated.
  • On 11/03, oldschoolfic opened sign-ups for the December event.  Assignments went out on 11/17.  [I got an FK prompt!]
  • On 11/02, gen_ficathon posted their round one master list, including two FK stories previously mentioned here when they released.

  • On 11/08, pj1228 discussed her FK site's issues with the GoogleSites move, and her FK projects in progress.
  • On 11/07, abby82 detailed lowered prices for the FK DVDs at many retailers.
  • On 11/03, gnosticdiva mused on her NaNoWriMo project, based on a long-ago unfinished FK fanfic.