Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Yuletide is Open. Me, I'm Playing Oldschoolfic.

Yuletide sign-ups are open (this is the annual ficathon exchange for obscure fandoms).  At this time, six people have requested FK stories, and twelve people have offered to write FK stories.  Sign-ups must be submitted by 11/12; stories are due on 12/21.  The is the biggest fanfiction game of which I know, and this is its seventh year.  I know some of you are playing it; please include FK, yeah?

I will not be playing Yuletide myself, but I will be playing oldschoolfic (for canceled fandoms).  Sign-ups are due by 11/15; stories are due on 12/25.  I need to work out what stories to request and which fandoms to offer (as I can't under the rules say "FK or HL only" ~g~).

Separately, gen_ficathon is taking a poll about holding a second round.  In my opinion, when considering future participation, it is relevant to note that the first round of this exchange ficathon had some challenges, including four writers who never received stories, and three months to release the stories that were submitted.  I would personally like to see a plan to address these issues before committing to another round.

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