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03 November 2009 @ 10:22 pm
Oldschoolfic Decemberfest Ficathon  
Tuesday morning, oldschoolfic (the ficathon for canceled series) announced a December story-exchange event.  FK is eligible!  (So is HL.)  Sign-ups are open here now through Sunday, November 15.  Stories are due no later than Friday, December 25.

(On that schedule, I likely shouldn't play.  I don't get many hours outside work; something due after the two three-day weekends at the end of the year would be much better for me -- know of any?  But I admit I'm thinking about it.)

Addendum 11/05:  Yeah, yeah... I'm definitely going to play in the oldschoolfic event.  It's only a question of which prompts to submit and in which fandoms to volunteer.

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