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What You Guys Have Been Up To

Recently on my LJ Friends List:

  • On 10/09, abby82, reminded us that Chiller has scheduled two more FK marathons: Saturday 10/10 ("Dark Knight" through "Cherry Blossoms"), and Thursday 10/15 ("I Will Repay" through "Only the Lonely"), both 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Likely these will be the CBS cuts, as in FK's first Chiller outing.
  • On 09/08, abby82 uploaded the three promos for Chiller's Labor Day FK marathon.  ("Before Edward. Before Angel. There was Nick. The original vampire with a heart is back. The cult hit that drew first blood and proves that you can't have twilight without the Knight.")  And she teased those of us who do not get the Chiller channel with the observation that "Chiller edits made completely new scenes!"  (Turns out, it was the original CBS cuts, which, yep, had their own special versions of several scenes.)
Discussing Writing
  • On 09/20, abby82 recapped her summer FK writing, of two short stories and an in-progress scifibigbang novella or novel -- an AU, perhaps interestingly, as I know some of you love AUs best, and FK fandom doesn't often do them.
  • On 09/15, ithildyn offered to write about Lacroix/Triona (an original character) and Methos/Lacroix/Triona in the "Couples" meme.
  • On 10/04, endaewen noted that Amazon has dropped the price on FK's second season, and that she's ordered a set at last.
  • On 09/27, abby82 shared many Lisa Ryder screenshots from her four-episode run on The Newsroom in 1996, following FK's cancellation.  Very PhotoShop-able into Tracy.
  • On 09/23, abby82 uploaded a snippet to share from her DVDs of season two of The Border, a funny anecdote by Catherine Disher.  She also posted a still screenshot of CD.
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