Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Ficathons Update

The Fall 2009 oldschoolfic fest (the one for canceled series) released this weekend, with a total of eight stories in six fandoms.  One of them, "The Fall Rolled in on the Back of Summer" by abby82, is FK!  Written for a prompt by me!  (My entry, "What Remains has Always Been," was written for a BtVS request.)

The inaugural gen_ficathon fest (the one for other-than-romance) is still waiting for the final entries to be submitted.  They've released twenty-two (about half of their total) in fifteen fandoms so far.  One of them, "The Code of Friendship" by foxy11814, is FK!  (My entry, "From Now On," as previously mentioned, was written for a BtVS request.)

With my co-moderator, I am planning to soon begin setting up that little FK-only event, with stories to be due May 18 (the LK anniversary).  I'm figuring we'll want about two months to write, so assignments would be distributed no later than March 23 (hopefully sooner), sign-ups due by March 18, sign-ups open on February 18.  Sound about right?

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