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What You Guys Have Been Up To

Okay, that's as caught up as I'm going to get!  :-)  Recently, in FK on my LJ Friends List and DW Equivalent:

On 08/02, abby82 shared her new FK vid "Vampire," which she describes as "copious amounts of big, scary vampire fangs" from throughout FK.

On 08/07, havocthecat played the Massive Top-5 Meme, and listed Janette as the second of her "Top 5 Bad Guys/Girls." And when ithildyn played the same meme, she listed FK as the second of her "Top 5 Fandoms."

Cast and Crew.

  • On 08/02, pj1228 recommended and reviewed Passage, a historical documentary featuring Nigel Bennett, filmed on location in London, the Orkney Islands and Nunavut.
  • On 07/19, abby82 shared a photo-spread on John Kapelos's appearance on Lois and Clark.
  • On 07/01, abby82 let us know that Jim Parriot's new show, Defying Gravity, airs on ABC this summer.  It stars Christina Cox, who starred in Lifetime's BloodTies, but is much more importantly known for her Joan of Arc in FK's "For I Have Sinned" and her traffic cop in FK's "Close Call." ;-)
  • On 06/28, ithildyn posted a link to YouTube footage of the famous Green Eggs and Ham reading by Nigel Bennett and John Kapelos at Syndicon '97.  Natsuko Ohama is with them.  (I was actually at that con!  You will not be surprised that the "Unsuited" affiliation was invented following this event.)
  • On 06/26, pj1228 let us know that Nick Knight has at last been released on DVD in Germany (titled Twilight Vampire Cop), and she reviewed all the interesting peculiarities of the voice-over casting as well as the titling.
  • On 06/03 (I missed it the first time around), abby82 shared that Nigel Bennett is reportedly up for a lead in Priscilla Queen of the Desert.


  • On 07/19, both amilyn and abby82 clued us in to the matrithon, a ficathon celebrating female characters 40+ years old (Janette is listed). Prompt claiming runs till 07/31. Art and vids as well as stories: stories must be at least 500 words. Posting 09/07-10/05.
  • On 07/15, both havocthecat and abby82 shared news of the First Annual Femslash Kink Meme (a Nanette prompt was submitted).

Fanfiction (including Fancomics).
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