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19 July 2009 @ 05:46 pm
Proposed: An FK-Only Fic Fest  
The prompts for the oldschoolfic and gen_ficathon events came through at the end of June.  While of course they're all very interesting and I'm doing my best to craft things to please my recipients, not one of the prompts I received -- 3 from one game, 4 from the other -- are FK.

I think that we should hold an FK-only ficathon/fest/game/event.  Not today, not tomorrow, but... in the not-too-distant future.  (Before Yuletide?  After?  Later in '10?)  It would doubtless be a very small game, but what I'm thinking is: if three of us played in an FK-only game, that would be three new FK stories, while when three of us play in a multi-fandom game, we're lucky to get even one new FK story.

This is not to say that I don't esteem multi-fandom games!  I love other fandoms, too.  (For example, is there anyone out there recommending HL gen? How about Duncan/Tessa? Pretty please?)  But like the bumper stickers say, I would rather be playing FK.

It seems standard for exchange-based ficathons to elicit three prompts from each participant, and match from there.  Presuming that there would not be enough of us playing to match by character affiliation, I thought perhaps we might ask for one gen prompt, one romance prompt (m/f, f/f, m/m as you like), and one anything prompt (crossover, wild AU, cliche, parody, or more gen and/or romance).

Other prompt-format ideas I considered, but discarded, were:
  • asking that each prompt be from a different time (that is: pre-series, first season and hiatus, second season, third season, post-series), or
  • that each prompt have some difference in character combination (so you couldn't have three Nick/Natalie prompts, but you could have Natalie in all three prompts), or
  • that one prompt be primarily cop-shop, one primarily flashback, and one primarily personal.

These events seem typically to ask for three things you like to read, and three you cannot write.  Because this is single fandom, I thought we might double that: three general things, and three FK-specific things?  (For example, in general, I'd rather not read NC-17, and in FK specifically, I'd rather not read "sipping."  Similarly, in general, I love metaphor, and in FK specifically, I love Nick adhering to his quest.)  Too much to manage?  I've never played in a single-fandom event, so I don't know the conventions.

Standard practice always prohibits certain story content including incest, and frequently prohibits story content including underage sex.  I like that!  But, prudent as these prohibitions are, there is nevertheless Divia, and the legitimate storytelling horror of crimes like that in "Undue Process."  (Or remember James's "Eyes of a Child," and many others.)  I would like to ask that these subjects, therefore, be kept "off-screen" just as the show always kept them off-screen, but would not absolutely forbid them, as they are part of canon... is that feasible?  Or is that going over the top unarmed?

Many events end up with ludicrous, uncivil problems with defaulters -- people frankly abusing the game in various ways by promising a story and then pulling out.  This is unfortunately human nature.  Given how few people I expect to play, might we be able to duck some of that by playing only with people someone we know will vouch for?  Or is that a terrible idea, as suggested by the fact no one does it?  (Obviously family tragedies and other responsibilities supersede mere fannish obligations, but that's a different protein shake recipe altogether than the concern here.)

Again, I would expect that this would be a small event, somewhere between five and ten players, fifteen at the absolute outside, depending on the timing.  That's okay with me!  Would it be okay with others?

I am volunteering to be the moderator.  But I would also relievedly hand off that responsibility to someone with more time, if there is someone who wants the job.

There are also always also the non-exchange options: post a series of prompts, or a weekly or monthly prompt, or an old-fashioned list challenge, or something like that.  Would those appeal to anyone as FK-only games?

And would people prefer to play on LiveJournal or on Dreamwidth, or somehow on both?  I can support them equally.

Finally, are there any other such FK-only events in existence?  If so, I'll back off entirely and go play them!  I'm only testing the waters here because I know of no FK-only fiction games.  I'm not the most plugged-in fan, by far!  Clue me in if I'm missing out.

What do you think?

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Amy R.: Natalie Againbrightknightie on August 9th, 2009 08:21 pm (UTC)
>"I'd be willing to co-mod or mod, if you were to read or wish."

You are a doll. Thank you! I know I could not do this alone, and should probably turn it over wholesale. Part of me strongly wants to run everything myself, while another part of my brain is rolling its eyes because it darn well knows where that leads, and how many hours did I work last week? and should turn over the idea and reins whole. :-) So shall we declare ourselves co-mods on this event, with willing arms open to whomever else may with to help, and they may be called by whatever mod-ly titles they wish?

>"I think it might work to check and see the dates on other ficathons and make sure it wasn't overlapping too badly, and then it might work to try to run something from February till mid-May (FK anniversary season)."

I always try to post something on the LK anniversary day, so that appeals to my own habits. However, just to talk through the possibilities: the LK anniversary is, naturally, smack-dab in the middle of annual finale season in fannish lives, and in the middle of final exams, graduations and proms in school lives. Will that cut down on participation?

I don't want to overlap with Femme-fic, Oldschoolfic or Genficathon (or of course Yuletide), and consider those the biggest fellow events for FK writers. Are there any others to particularly consider?

What do you think of "fkficfest" as a community? If it's good, I'll snag it on LJ and DW, and pay for the accounts (because: eew! advertisements! when I can afford to block them for the sake of FK).

I don't know whether DW will take off big over the next several months; I do crosspost every time, personally. And I don't know whether they still have any constraints on their community functions; I'll look into it if that's called for. I was thinking that we can have the event run equally on both, by cross-posting mod posts, and then letting people submit on whichever they have an account, and just including both in the final list of all stories. What do you think?

>"It might be nice to do something for 2010 as a trial, then try to build it so that in 2011 it could be a 15th anniversary ficathon."

I like this as well. We should not downplay the 2010 game much, though; it should be a good game in its own right, and then perhaps lure in additional people for a larger 2011 celebration?
One Whose Honesty is Stronger Than Her Fear: natalieamilyn on August 9th, 2009 09:15 pm (UTC)
Well, Ms. Co-Mod...I agree with EVERY suggestion you have here!

And we can modify the time frame in 2012 to be for the 20th anniversary of the premiere. *grin*

I do think gen- and femme- and oldschool- tend to rotate when they do things. I think. I haven't noticed a pattern.

And THANK YOU for doing the legwork on the comm rules and such re: LJ/DW xposting and for being willing to do paid accounts.