Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

"Forever Janette" by Rich M.

Many people have posted about this by now (much thanks to abby82 for cluing me on) and everyone should know!  If you've missed it so far, come catch up.  "Rich's ComixBlog" is featuring a project called Forever Janette.  (LiveJournal syndication of RSS Feed here; DreamWidth syndication of RSS Feed here.)

The praiseworthy art features functional resemblances and excellent composition.  It's set between season two and season three, where so many wonderful tales fit.  I've wanted to see FK as a comic for ages!  There are sixteen installments so far.  The creator seems to know his canon.

It's also a crossover with Doctor WhoThe panel in which Nick and Janette stare at the light on top of the TARDIS, so clearly on their way into flashbacks, made me laugh very much, in amusement and glee.  Now, the Doctor's involvement means that the murder is weirder than FK's usual, I'm afraid.  But I'm in for the ride!  So far, on the FK side, we've seen Janette, Nick, Schanke, Natalie, Urs and Lacroix, and been treated to references to Grace.  On the DW side, we've seen the eighth Doctor, the fifth Doctor, and Nyssa... and a reference to Grace.

Natalie on the Doctor, who has just suggested alien involvement in the homicide she's investigating:
"Great. You sure can pick 'em, Lambert. Somebody up there hates me..."
Tags: art:graphics, character:foreverknight:janette, fandom:doctorwho, fandoms_not_fk, trope:crossovers

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