Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FK is on Hulu

Everyone else knows this already, right?  Forever Knight is on Hulu, with seasons one and two up for free online viewing -- with commercials.  (To view without commercials, purchase episode downloads from Amazon for $1.99, or of course the DVDs.)

I pinged Hulu for the first time this weekend while signing up for the oldschoolfic ficathon (sign up by June 30; this is the one for any genre, in out-of-production fandoms only).  My FK prompt references an episode, which should be easy, I thought.  Rewatch just one episode, and all set!  But what if my prompt recipient doesn't own the DVDs, or they're packed away, or something?  It seems Hulu will serve nicely.

I had already signed up for the gen_ficathon event (sign up by June 25; this is the one for gen only, in any fandom), so now I'm conclusively in both FK-eligible events this summer.  In over my head?  We'll see. :-)

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Tags: fest:genficathon, fest:oldschoolfic, ficathons&fests

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