Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FK-Eligible Summer Ficathons

We have two (2) FK-eligible events this summer!  FK won a place among the official fandoms of the new gen_ficathon, and of course FK is always eligible for oldschoolfic, by definition.  Their timeframes overlap, but it's not impossible to participate in both.  I'm planning to give it a whirl.  I hope you will, too!  (I would enjoy receiving FK prompts to write. ~g~)  I have not yet signed up for either, but just because I need to plan and ponder my prompts.  (What makes a high-quality prompt?  Different things for different people, I'm sure.)

Gen Ficathon I OldSchoolFic IV
Fandoms:  Official Fandoms List   Any Out-of-Production Fandom 
Posts: Rules and Sign-ups Rules and Sign-Ups
Sign-ups: June 04-25
Sign-ups are public.
June 03-30
Sign-ups are screened.
Assignments Sent: June 28 July 01
Deadline: August 11 September 01
Minimum Length: One/1000 words One/1000 words or
Two/500 words

gen_ficathon is bright new.  oldschoolfic, on the other hand, has held three events to date, and I've played them all ("A Delicate Balance" (FK), "Fearful Symmetry" (FK) and "So This is Home" (HL)) and found them quite satisfactory.  With two events so close together, I'm going to have to aim at shorter stories (as much_madness is always telling me to).  Pity: I will get a whole week off work for the first time in over a year just before the assignments go out.  If only it were after!  :-)
Tags: fest:femgenficathon, fest:oldschoolfic, ficathons&fests

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