Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FK Icons to Pass the Bechdel Test

On Friday, havocthecat wished for picspam of "awesome women."  In response, I made this batch of new userpic icons featuring female FK characters together.  The exercise brought home how rarely the women are on screen at the same moment, even when they are the only two characters in the scene; typically, FK's camera moves back and forth, from one character to the other, instead of showing them together.   (Cohen with Natalie was harder to run down than I expected, and of course the only recurring female character with whom Urs ever shares a shot is Divia.)

Available if you would like them:

01. Natalie and Grace 02. Natalie and Janette 03. Brianna and Janette

10 More

04. Tracy and Natalie 05. Grace and Natalie 06. Natalie and Janette
07. Natalie and Tracy 08. Natalie and Grace 09. Natalie and Janette
Given to abby82
on 06/03/09
10. Natalie and Cohen 11. Janette and Sofia 12. The Lamberts
13. Janette and Sofia

Another thing that happened to catach my attention as I was making these is a parallelism between the first and last times Janette and Natalie touch.  From Janette poking Natalie's throat (FtB, in the Raven, "It's your neck") to Natalie taking Janette's pulse at her throat (HF, in the morgue, "It can't be").  The HF moment doesn't make a qualifying icon for this particular game, with Nick in the background, and I'm not at all satisfied that I've managed a creditable use of the FtB moment in my own new icon (with this post), but the coincidence and reversal of the gesture intrigue me.

The original screenshots for most of these come from Nancy T.'s Knight Watchman.  I tried to drop by Kristen H.'s Knight Vision, too, but it's gone!  This of course means I've let my links go way too long unchecked, and I should run backward through forkni-l digests until I learn what happened.  (If I heard of this and forgot, I shall be covered with embarrassment, but don't let that stop you from reminding me. ~g~)

Tags: art:graphics, art:icons, character:foreverknight:cohen, character:foreverknight:grace, character:foreverknight:janette, character:foreverknight:natalie, character:foreverknight:tracy

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