Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

A Gen Ficathon

I just discovered that a multifandom gen_ficathon is coming our way!  Excellent.  With no animosity toward the infinite wonderful flavors of romance, I consider gen my natural habitat.

I nominated FK in their fandoms poll.  The next step, says their rules post, will be voting for the official fandoms May 27-June 3.  As is customary, participants must offer to write in a minimum number of designated fandoms for the game to be manageable.  FK will need to achieve "official" status on the ballot to make it likely we'll see FK written in this event.  They plan to send assignments on June 28, with a posting deadline of August 11.

(The moderator seems to be paperflowered.  I'm not acquainted with her.  Are you?)

Addendum:  Shall I define "gen"?  It originally stood for "general."  The current usage seems to be that all fanfiction can be divided into gen or romance, and that romance can then be subdivided by the identities of the participants.  Both gen and romance may have any rating; it's a matter of subject, not severity.

Tags: ficathons&fests

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