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14 May 2009 @ 12:42 am
FK Recommendation May 2009  
What's good?  Enthused about alternate universes, coming off the new Star Trek movie?  For May, I'm excited to get to recommend a story set in FK's one canonical AU.  "Perchance to Dream: Ghost Song" (2009, rated R) by abby82 plunges beautifully, wretchedly into the "Curiouser & Curiouser" inversion.

Slowly, Janette's perfume surrounds him like a comfortable blanket and for a few precious moments Nick pretends this is exactly what he wants--the trappings of domestic bliss. ... Nick sneaks a look at his watch. If he leaves now, he can make it.

Happy tenth anniversary to the recommendation-of-the-month project!  In May 1999, the very first recommendation was of susanmgarrett's "Peerless Pressure."

What's new?  In April, fkfic-l saw three stories by three authors. 

If anyone feels disappointed by the monthly recommendation being a story that so recently hit fkfic-l, please just drop me an email or PM, and I'll send you a link to something else, never yet recommended.