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03 May 2009 @ 12:16 am
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I've spent all my hobby time for the past several weeks on my femme_fic story.  One kind beta-reader has already looked at it and, because of the grace period, it will get another scrub.  Here's hoping it will be at least the sum of its parts.

It's not FK, which is why I haven't been posting.  (Well, that and life... you know the drill.)  I've written outside FK before, of course, but this is my first go at this particular fandom (BtVS), and it's also my longest story yet outside FK.  I noticed that given an FK prompt, I tend to rewatch one relevant episode many times, but given a non-FK prompt, I tend to try to review (literally, re-view) all remotely relevant canon.  I think perhaps I must adjust my scale the next time out, as much_madness often tells me. :-)

This second femme_fic event marks the first anniversary of my ficathon participation.  They're a lot like list challenges, but the exchange aspect and the deadline are key differences that really ramped up my production.  I just wish I had more hobby time to go around!

endcredits: buffyendcredits on May 3rd, 2009 01:56 pm (UTC)
Okay, I'm horribly excited at the thought of Buffy femme_fic from you.

I hear you on the 'needing to completely digest canon' thing. I'm awful for this, which is probably why I never finish things. Even in fandoms I'm quite active in, I still never feel that I have a decent grasp on canon, so I re-watch and re-watch and ... then get jaded. It's a sickness.
Amy R.: IBbrightknightie on May 4th, 2009 03:46 am (UTC)
>"Okay, I'm horribly excited at the thought of Buffy femme_fic from you."

Thank you! That's very flattering! I hope it will be worth your time to read. I usually decide on a theme first, and then scout up a plot to carry it; this time, I found a plot first.

>"I hear you on the 'needing to completely digest canon' thing."

This is partly why I started documenting all FK canon. ;-) It's partly an obsession with getting it right, of course, not to mention the drilled need to cite my sources, but it's also about the size and shape and feel of the canon universe from the inside.
PJ1228pj1228 on May 4th, 2009 08:39 pm (UTC)
I wish I had the time to focus like that on finishing at least one of my 10 FK stories in progress...

I'm curiously awaiting your BtVS-story. I've never read any fanfic outside of FK yet.
Amy R.: Ursbrightknightie on May 9th, 2009 08:56 pm (UTC)
>"I wish I had the time to focus like that on finishing at least one of my 10 FK stories in progress..."

I do, too, as I would like to read those stories by you! ;-)

To seize that time, I pretty much had to give up doing anything outside my 55-hour work week and hour-long commute except writing that story (and exercising and church) for weeks. There was no gardening, laundry, television, walks outdoors, personal correspondence... I really envy people who have enough time for their hobbies! I wish I knew how to make that happen. Some people seem to get to play fandom every day, somehow... (I know a couple who made a lot of money during the dot-com boom and retired in their early forties, before the bust. They spend all their time living their hobbies to the fullest. It's impossible not to envy them.)

Oh, well. That's life. The exchange aspect of a ficathon game, coupled with the deadline, causes me to go a little crazy. I shut down everything else to fulfill the obligation as best I can. :-)

>"I've never read any fanfic outside of FK yet."

None? Oh, dear! Hmmmm. I don't know what to recommend, but obviously there are millions of stories available in every fandom and most languages. I wouldn't put my first effort at BtVS up as the best introduction! But thank you, very much.