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05 April 2009 @ 02:49 pm
FK Recommendation April 2009  
What's good?  For April, I recommend neonhummingbird's brassy Nick and Natalie short story "If I Were You" (1998), which runs Nick from hope to despair and back, while Natalie insists on balance and realism.

"That's enough, Nick!" Her voice cut through the darkness like a whip crack over the noise of the skycaps and the crowd milling around the terminal, even at 4 a.m.  ...  "You listen to me, detective.  You are not the walking jinx you think you are."

What's new?  In March, fkfic-l saw four authors post eight stories.  Completed tales in order by the date of the final installment:

The list also saw the first four posts of dj_clawson's new story in her Aristotle series in March; it looks to wrap up in April.