Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
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What You Guys Have Been Up To

Recently, in FK on my LJ Friends List:

Vids.  abby82, on 03/23, posted her new Fang Gang vid "La familia" (Mirah).  On 03/03, she mused on Nick/Natalie versus Nick vidding plans, and on 03/01, posted her new Divia vid, "Burn" (Nine Inch Nails).

  • mysticalcat7, on 03/23, announced that she has uploaded the last of fkspoilr, the June 1996 digests, following her 03/07 announcement that she uploaded the May 1996 fkspoilr digests.  Fkspoilr, of course, was the spoiler discussion list (a sibling of fkfic-l), and those were the days of "Last Knight"'s first airing.
  • endcredits, on 03/02, snuck an FK reference into her reflections on the season finale of Being Human.

  • abby82, on 03/30, posted a new, G-rated, N&N story titled Change Upon Us, written for the "Fic Drought NNFic Challenge" at the NNFic Yahoo! Group (which I didn't know existed; good for them!).
  • dj_clawson, on 03/11, discussed the possible publishing future and challenges of her Aristotle stories.
  • falcon_horus, on 03/03, listed and linked all the submissions to her Claire Rankin Character Mini-Ficathon.  The FK entries are: "Not in the Stars but in Ourselves" by tanaquisga (FK/SGA), "Memories" by falcon_horus (FK/SGA), and "Three Fireweed Seeds" by me (FK).

Cast and Crew. 
  • abby82, on 03/29, reviewed Deborah Duchene's episode of Beyond Reality (1991), a two-season Canadian series with lots of FK cast and crew. She's generous with screenshots.
  • When the news about the SciFi Channel rebranding itself "SyFy" (um, right, that'll make 'em cooler than us) came out, many remembered the days when Ms. Hammer ran the USA network and with it FK's third season, including ithildyn here, wiliqueen here, studiesinlight here...
  • pj1228, on 03/15, reviewed A Bug and a Bag of Weed, a comedy with Nigel Bennett.

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