Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

What You Guys Have Been Up To

Recently, in FK on my LJ Friends List:

Graphics.  abby82, on 02/14, shared many Natalie collages created for halfamoon.

Comparisons.  endcredits, on 02/20, compared a BBC show titled Being Human to FK.  BH features a vampire and a werewolf (both with Nick-ish humanity-love) who share a house with a ghost.  There are Lacroix and Natalie equivalents.  Her clever post made me laugh a lot.

  • falcon_horus, on 02/26, posted "Memories," a SGA/FK crossover, with Nick, Schanke, Natalie and Kate Heightmeyer -- for a prompt I submitted in her Fleur Mini-Ficathon!  Cool.  (My own entry is here.)
  • abby82, on 02/17, listed her active FK projects, including Tracy and Nick&Natalie stories.
  • endcredits, on 02/16, mentioned her unfinished FK angst stories.
  • havocs_cry, on 02/13, enthusiastically recommended two FK stories by fickitten, both starring Natalie and Janette, one post-series, and one between episodes.
  • abby82, on 02/09, recommended three FK drabbles: one FK/Torchwood, one Ravenette, and one Nanette.
  • A person posting behind a lock, on 02/08, announced a new author's FK Fanfic Page.

  • abby82, on 02/24, revealed that Ion (which used to be Pax, which used to air Young Blades) has picked up The Border for US broadcast!  This is the current series costarring Catherine Disher and Nigel Bennett.
  • pj1228, on 02/12, reviewed The Summit, a thriller in which Nigel Bennett plays the UK Prime Minister.  She shares screenshots.  The DVD seems presently available in Region 2 only.
  • abby82, on 02/08, completed her review of American Psycho 2 starring Geraint Wyn Davies.  She notes that the DVD commentaries say some very nice things about GWD, and she mentions geraint_fans.

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