Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Miscellaneous Minor Character Catch-up Questions

I have typed "Nanette" (Natalie/Janette or Natalie&Janette affiliation, you know) three times this morning. This may be the first time in years I've used the word, and suddenly it's everywhere. :-)

I have a few little questions that have cropped up recently, but I've been too busy to catch up and take them home to forkni-l, where I'm sure the answers are known, so:

  • Do you remember whether anyone ever seriously named an Aristotle affiliation?  dj_clawson wondered.  I thought one had been named, but I could so easily be confused -- of course the fancy that Susan's unforgettable Dorian has a faction called the "Archivists" could help confuse me on that (as if the confusion needs assistance).

  • You remember the "Center Stage Challenge," yes?  The '95ish fkfic-l challenge in which stories were written from the perspectives of the minor characters, such as Elisabeth's Feliks and Miklos stories?  Well, I would like to track down the Grace story, but I can't remember either the author or title.  I seem to remember it making Grace a fully-rounded character, with a complete set of connections and obligations beyond Natalie and the morgue, including a date and community involvement.  Can you place it?

  • And while we're on the "Center Stage Challenge," what other minor characters were written specifically for it?  I was a newbie on the lists then, and I remember only Elisabeth's stories and the Grace one.

  • Finally, does anyone remember the collective term for Nick, Schanke and Natalie that is the equal and opposite of "Fang Gang" for Nick, Lacroix and Janette?


Tags: character:foreverknight:feliks, character:foreverknight:grace, character:foreverknight:miklos, chat, foreverknight:fkfic-l

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