Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FK Recommendation February 2009

What's good?  I'm pleased to get to feature "The Night Was Dark, and She Was the Owner" by Elisabeth as February's recommendation-of-the-month.  This ficlet crosses over with Highlander, but requires no HL knowledge to enjoy its full FK potential.

       "Buy the lady a drink?"
       The question, asked in the patois of her childhood by a vaguely familiar voice, triggered Janette's protective instincts. Even as she swung around, she clamped down on her body's impulse to flash fangs.
       Elbows resting on the wrought iron fence that separated the café tables from the pavement, he smiled at her. That nose, those eyes, that horrendous hair. He could be only one man. Methos, her memory supplied, along with a string of other, temporary, names.

What's new?  In January, fkfic-l saw three stories finish posting, including the one that began in December.  (As a reminder, the line-limit doubled during January.  Post-count for story-length will be a whole new metric going forward.)

Four stories have completed their runs in February so far, including one that began in January and is the largest to post in almost four years.

Tags: character:foreverknight:janette, fanfic:who:byyou, recommendation, recommendation:foreverknight, recommendation:foreverknight:project, trope:crossovers

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